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New Brunswick, the largest of Canada's Maritime provinces, is situated below Quebec's Gaspé Peninsula and adjacent to the State of Maine. It was among the founding provinces, alongside Ontario, Quebec, and Nova Scotia, that united to establish the Dominion of Canada in 1867. Over time, New Brunswick has witnessed immigration from various parts of the globe, resulting in a diverse and progressively multicultural population.

Capital:  Fredericton

Largest City: Moncton

Largest Metro: Greater Moncton

Estimated Population: 776,827 (Source: Statistics Canada, 2019)

Official Language: English, French

Industry: Agriculture, Forestry, Food Processing, Freight Transport(including railways and trucking), media, Oil, and Shipbuilding.

Tourist Attractions: Pristine beaches, 6-signature festivals, camping in quirky domes under the starlit sky, whale watching, experiencing the taste of Province through food, New Brunswick is a heaven for adventurists. 

Education: Elementary and secondary public education in the province is overseen by the provincial Department of Education and Early Childhood Development. New Brunswick operates both Anglophone and Francophone public school systems in parallel. Within the Anglophone system, around 27 percent of students are enrolled in French immersion programs. New Brunswick is home to four public universities which offer a wide variety of educational programs.


New Brunswick's immigration program streams offer avenues for foreign workers possessing the requisite skills, education, and work experience to contribute effectively to the province's economy.

To apply for several of these programs, you must be prepared for permanent residence (PR). This entails meeting all minimum eligibility criteria and ensuring you have all necessary documents readily available to compile and submit a comprehensive and accurate application to both the province of New Brunswick and the Government of Canada.

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New Brunswick Express Entry Stream

Get Started: How to prepare to apply for the New Brunswick Express Entry Stream?

1. Meet the requirements of at least one of the Federal Express Entry Immigration Programs below:

2. Create a Federal Express Entry Profile and be placed in the pool of candidates. Your application will not be accepted without a valid Federal Express Entry Profile

3. You must meet one of the three connections below:

4. You must be Permanent residence (PR) ready which means, you:

  • Meet all minimum eligibility requirements and selection factors.

  • Have all the required documents on hand to prepare and submit a complete and correct application to the Government of New Brunswick and to the Government of Canada.

Process Map:

Learn about working and living in New Brunswick.


The New Brunswick Strategic Initiative Stream is for French-speaking foreign nationals with the skills, education, and work experience to contribute to New Brunswick’s economy, and who are ready to live and work in New Brunswick permanently. 

Get Started: How to prepare to apply for the New Brunswick Strategic Initiative Stream?

Meet one of the three conditions:

  • Plan an in-person exploratory visit to New Brunswick conducted within 12 months before submitting an EOI

  • Have job or genuine job offer with a New Brunswick employer

Meet one of the New Brunswick priorities below:

  • You have completed your program of study from Université de Moncton or Collège Communautaire du Nouveau-Brunswick (CCNB) within the last 6 months.

  • You have been residing in New Brunswick for 12 months and have been working remotely for 12 months for the same Canadian company located outside of Quebec.

  • You received a letter of interest from a New Brunswick Immigration Officer

Process Map:

Be Permanent Residence (PR) Ready.


The New Brunswick Private Career College Graduate Pilot Program targets international graduates possessing the requisite skills, education, and work experience to bolster New Brunswick's economy, and who are prepared to establish permanent residency in the province.

The aim of the pilot program is to provide an immigration route for international graduates who have completed certain one-year and two-year programs in key fields such as Education and Social Development, Health, IT and Cybersecurity, Business Administration, and Supply Chain and Logistics. This opportunity is open to recent graduates from designated private career colleges in New Brunswick who do not qualify for the federal Post-Graduation Work Permit (PGWP) program.

Get Started: How to prepare to apply for the New Brunswick Strategic Initiative Stream?

Meet the following requirements:

  • Have graduated from an eligible private career college.

  • Accept a genuine offer of full-time (non-seasonal)employment from a New Brunswick employer who is willing to support you through the New Brunswick Provincial Nominee Program (NBPNP) process. 

  • Be PR Ready

Process Map:

Accept offer of employment.


The New Brunswick Skilled Worker Stream targets foreign nationals who have the requisite skills, education, and work background to enrich the province's economy. Applicants must satisfy the program's minimum criteria, secure a legitimate job offer from a New Brunswick employer, and demonstrate a sincere intention to settle and work in the province permanently.

Get Started: How to prepare to apply for the New Brunswick Skilled Worker Stream?

1. Meet the following requirements:

  • Accept a genuine offer that is

  • unconditional, 

  • full-time, 

  • year-round non-seasonal

  • Employment

  • Falls under eligible occupation, from a New Brunswick employer who is willing to support you through the New Brunswick Provincial Nominee Program (NBPNP) process.

2. Be PR Ready

Process Map:

Receive an offer of employment.


New Brunswick Business Immigration Stream

The NB Business Immigration Stream is an economic immigration pathway for experienced entrepreneurs who are ready to establish, operate and actively manage a business while living and settling in New Brunswick permanently.

1. Your business must meet the following criteria:


2. Priority processing may occur for applications with business plans that have the greatest potential to create significant economic benefit

3. Investment:

4. If purchasing an existing business, you must prove to GNB that the business:

5. The business must generate a minimum of one full-time position for a permanent resident or citizen of Canada residing in New Brunswick excluding yourself, your spouse or common-law partner, your dependent children, or other family members. 

6. Ensure that the business pays taxes, complies with Canadian laws, obtains necessary licences and permits

7. Provide active management to the business

8. Provide Net Worth Verification Report

9. During the establishment of your business, you must:

  • Contribute to the economic growth of the province;

  • Registered as a sole proprietorship, partnership, or corporation; (if a partnership, other partner(s) must be Permanent Residents or Canadian Citizens);

  • Either the ongoing operation of an existing business or the establishment of a new one;

  • A privately-owned, profit-driven entity primarily engaged in selling goods and/or services;

  • Classified as a "permanent establishment" according to subsection 400(2) of the Canadian Income Tax Regulations, 1985.

  • Be prepared to make an investment no less than CAD $150,000 before tax which will include working capital such as rent, wages, leasing costs, and any other recurring expenses in the first 6 months

  • Control at least 33.3% equity in the business.

  • Has been under the same ownership and in continuous operation for the three years preceding the purchase date, with the owner being a permanent resident or citizen of Canada;

  • Will be acquired at a verified fair market value;

  • Has demonstrated a net profit for at least two of the past three years, evidenced by audited financial statements and corporate tax assessments issued by the Canada Revenue Agency;

  • Will maintain existing staff with similar terms and conditions of employment. Has not been in receivership or filed for bankruptcy within the three years prior to the purchase date; and

  • The value of goodwill should not exceed 10% of the net book value when acquiring a profitable business.

  • Reside in New Brunswick 75% of the time of your Business Establishment Period (BEP), and

  • Reside within 100 kms of your place of business.

Process Map:

Be PR Ready

Meet minimum eligible requirements and have all documents ready.


Atlantic Immigration Program (AIP)

The Atlantic Immigration Program (AIP) is a pathway to permanent residence for skilled foreign workers and international graduates from a recognized post-secondary institution in Atlantic Canada who want to work and live in New Brunswick. Candidates applying for this program must be endorsed by a designated employer. The program helps New Brunswick employers hire qualified candidates for jobs they haven’t been able to fill locally.


To become designated, your organization must:

  • In compliance with Immigration and Refugee Protection Act (IRPA) or the Immigration and Refugee Protection Regulations (IRPR).

  • Be in good standing and comply with employment standards and occupational health and safety legislation.

  • Not recruit or hire workers for the purpose of establishing a pool of candidates that can be later transferred or contracted out to separate businesses for staffing purposes.

  • Have been in continuous, active operation under the same management for at least 2 years in 1 of the Atlantic provinces, or be able to show continuous, active operation in another location with confirmation of approval from the province in which you’re applying for designation.

  • Work with a New Brunswick settlement service provider organization to help your candidates get settlement services.

  • Commit to taking the onboarding training.

  • Commit to taking the intercultural competency training unless you’re exempted by the province. 


The New Brunswick Critical Worker Pilot Program, spanning five years, targets crucial workforce gaps in diverse sectors and regions of the province. It aims to draw skilled workers to occupations that have historically been, and are anticipated to remain, challenging to fill in New Brunswick.

Operated by employers, the New Brunswick Critical Worker Pilot employs focused recruitment strategies for skilled workers. As such, candidates interested in the pilot program must apply through the participating employer; direct applications from candidates are not accepted.

Employers chosen to participate in the pilot program are selected based on their proven track record of actively utilizing provincial and federal economic immigration programs for a minimum of three (3) years. Additionally, selection criteria include the employer's demonstrated capacity to offer comprehensive support for newcomer settlement, skills enhancement, and language training for their employees.

Process Map:

Accept an offer from a participating employer.

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