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Putting People First


Specialized Recruiting Services and Career Opportunities

You can count on us to help you succeed. We operate in Canada with offices in Mississauga, Brampton (Ontario), and Summerside (Prince Edward Island).

We strive to live by our purpose, "Putting People First" in everything we do. From finding the perfect candidate for each client to ensuring that everyone in the Asteco family has everything, they need to succeed in all aspects of their lives.

We build amazing teams for some of Canada's most pioneering brands. We believe every job and every job seeker is different. Regardless of your background or situation, we connect all types of workers, from young to mature, athletes to veterans, and everyone in between, with awesome opportunities.

Find a Job in your field

How We're Different?

Our clients appreciate our expertise in working with entrepreneurial, growth-minded and strategic approaches. We ask good questions and listen intently, then we ask deeper questions to get to the bottom of your challenges and opportunities. Our team is so well-versed in working with entrepreneurial companies that we help you see around the corner and recognize challenges before they become obvious. Our experience in this unique niche means our recruiting team has developed an expertise to not only find, identify, and recruit talented candidates with the resume and experience to help you grow your company, but they also have the soft skills and the “WOW factor” that allows them to work and thrive in an entrepreneurial environment.

At Asteco, we’ve built our own team of great people committed to helping you build yours. That’s our commitment to you.

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