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Position: Floor Covering Installer

NOC (73113) | British Columbia


Language: English, French

Status: Open Work Permit

Experience: Minimum 6 months

Job Description:

  • Inspect, measure and mark surfaces to be covered

  • Measure, cut and fasten underlay and underpadding

  • Measure, cut and install carpeting on floors

  • Measure, cut and install resilient floor coverings

  • Prepare flooring plans and scheduling

  • Read and interpret blueprints, maps, drawings and specifications

  • Prepare and install hardwood floors

  • Inspect and repair damaged floor coverings

  • Prepare floors for installations

  • Remove existing floor coverings and contaminants

  • Install carpeting on walls or other surfaces

  • Perform direct glue-down carpet installations

  • Install hardwood floors, such as strip floors, block floors or plank floors, using glue, staples, nails or other means

  • Install resilient stair components (special effects for the visually impaired)

  • Install materials on counter tops and raised platforms

  • Install vinyl decking materials

  • Report any malfunctions to supervisor

  • Conduct moisture, ph, temperature and other tests prior to flooring installations

  • Maintain clean and safe work environment

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