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Position: Construction Labour

NOC (75110) | British Columbia


Language: English, French

Status: Open Work Permit

Experience: Minimum 6 months

Job Description:

  • Load, unload and transport construction materials

  • Erect and dismantle concrete forms, scaffolding, ramps, catwalks shoring and barricades

  • Mix, pour and spread materials such as concrete and asphalt

  • Assist in aligning pipes during pipeline construction

  • Assist in framing houses, erecting walls and building roofs

  • Assist in demolishing buildings

  • Assist tradespersons such as carpenters, bricklayers, cement finishers, roofers and glaziers in construction activities

  • Assist heavy equipment operators to secure special attachments to equipment, signal operators to guide them in moving equipment and provide assistance in other activities

  • Operate pneumatic hammers, vibrators and tampers as directed

  • Oil and grease hoists and similar equipment

  • Pave and rake asphalt

  • Clean up chemical spills and other contaminants

  • Clean and pile salvaged materials

  • Remove rubble and other debris at construction sites

  • Tend or feed machines or equipment used in construction

  • Direct traffic at or near construction sites

  • Level earth to fine grade specifications

  • Perform routine maintenance work

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