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Retail Sales Supervisor

Multiple Locations in Canada

Job Type

Full Time

About the Role

We are seeking a dedicated and motivated Retail Store Supervisor to join our client(s) team. As a Retail Store Supervisor, you will play a key role in ensuring the smooth and efficient operation of our store while delivering exceptional customer service.

Key Responsibilities:

Supervise and lead a team of retail associates, providing guidance, support, and training as needed.
Monitor and maintain inventory levels, ensuring products are adequately stocked.
Assist with merchandising and product displays to enhance the shopping experience.
Interact with customers, addressing inquiries, resolving issues, and ensuring a high level of customer satisfaction.
Oversee cash handling and register operations, including opening and closing the store.
Maintain a clean and organized store environment, adhering to safety and sanitation standards.
Collaborate with management to implement sales strategies and meet store targets.
Assist in the hiring and training of new team members as required.
Ensure compliance with company policies and procedures.


  1. Previous experience in a retail environment is preferred, with a minimum of one year of experience, including supervisory or leadership experience.

  2. Strong leadership and team management skills, with the ability to motivate and guide a team of retail associates to achieve goals.

  3. A customer-focused mindset with a passion for delivering exceptional service and resolving customer inquiries and concerns effectively.

  4. Understanding of inventory management principles and the ability to monitor and maintain appropriate stock levels.

  5. Knowledge of visual merchandising principles to create appealing product displays and enhance the shopping experience.

  6. Proficiency in cash handling procedures and experience with opening and closing registers.

  7. Ability to maintain a clean and organized store environment, ensuring compliance with safety and sanitation standards.

  8. Willingness to collaborate with management to implement sales strategies and work toward meeting store targets.

  9. Strong communication and interpersonal skills to foster a positive team environment and work effectively with colleagues.

  10. Availability to work flexible hours, including evenings, weekends, and holidays, as required by the store's schedule.

  11. Familiarity with basic computer applications for tasks such as inventory tracking and point-of-sale operations.

  12. Ability to assist in the hiring and training of new team members as needed.

About the Company

At Asteco Immigration Consulting, we specialize in providing expert guidance and support to individuals seeking to make Canada their new home. With extensive experience in immigration services, our dedicated team is committed to helping applicants find suitable positions and embark on successful careers in Canada.

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